November 16 - 19, 2020 | 100% Virtual

Venture135 is the premier venture conference focused on quality deal flow and innovation in the fintech, insurtech and healthtech ecosystems.


We bring together the best venture capitalists, angel investors and growth funds while showcasing the top Series A and Series B ready companies from across the world.

Are you a fintech, insurtech or healthtech Founder looking to share your story and business model on a large stage to generate growth and capital infusion? Then Venture 135 is the stage for you! 

We bring together some of the top angel investors, venture capitalists, growth funds and corporations from around the world to hear pitches from the strongest startups, and coordinate private deal day meetings for the quality deal flow.  

Reignite your business and brand after a difficult and challenging year! 

We offer ample brand awareness, thought leadership and pipeline development opportunities for our event sponsors. Getting your business in front of world-class leaders and innovators. 

2020 Overview

Day 1 | November 16

This half-day event is focused on early-stage companies in any given vertical that specifically reside in the Charlotte ecosystem. Venture 135 began with a focus on generating deal flow in the Southeast and even as we continue to grow we still call Charlotte home. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic we see an urgent need to return back to our roots and regenerate the entrepreneurial community in Charlotte. The capstone of Day 1 will be RevTech Labs Class 13 Demo Day.  

Day 2 | November 17

Day 2 of Venture 135 has a singular focus on the fintech vertical. Each pitch group will be sorted by stage for a total of 4 different pitch parties: Early-stage, Series A ready, Series B and International. 

Day 3 | November 18

Similar to Day 3, there will be 4 pitch groups sorted by stage of the company. However, Day 3 will spotlight insurtech startups only. 

Day 4 | November 19

Day 4 shifts its focus to the healthtech vertical. This day will include pitches from some of the top Series A and Series B healthtech startups with several thought leadership content sessions happening throughout the day. 

The Best Value In Quality Deal Flow

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  • 100% Virtual

  • 4 Day Conference 

  • Keynotes + Panels

  • Networking + Deal Day Meetings

  • Presentations from Series A + Series B Startups 


  • 100% Virtual 

  • 5 Day Conference

  • Keynotes + Panels

  • Networking

  • Startup Presentations


  • 100% Virtual 

  • 3 Day Conference

  • Keynotes + Panels

  • Networking 

  • Startup Presentations

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