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November 21-22, 2024


And the Winners of the Connetic Ventures $100k Investment... Crema & Gestalt!


Premier Fintech + Insurtech Deal Flow Conference 

Venture135 is back and is more exclusive than ever. Accepting only a limited guests, including the best venture capitalists, angel investors, and Corporate Innovation Teams will be in attendance. With a running waitlist this is the must-attend venture conference.

V135 is focused on high-quality deal flow, networking, and innovation in the fintech & insurtech   ecosystems. We are showcasing the top Seed Stage, Series A, and Series B ready companies from across the globe.

Ways to Engage

2023 Venture Steering Committee

Adi Sivaraman

Adi Sivaraman, PruVen Capital

Dustin Drees

Dustin Drees, BIP Ventures

Brittani Roberts

Brittani Roberts, FINTOP Capital

Brandon Oliver

Brandon Oliver, BankTech Ventures, LP

Calvin Clayton

Calvin Clayton, Long Run Capital

Lister Delgado

Lister Delgado, IDEA Fund Partners

Vanessa Indriolo Vreeland

Vanessa Indriolo Vreeland, Vree Ventures

Trevor Kienzle

Trevor Kienzle, Correlation Ventures

Thompson Barro

Thompson Barro

Wilson Patton

Wilson Patton, Long Run Capital

Claire Biernacki

Claire Biernacki, BBG Ventures

Mike Mansell

Mike Mansell, American Family Ventures


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