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2021 Schedule

Day 1 | Monday, June 7 | Changes in the Financial Industry

2022 Schedule

Day 1 | Tuesday, November 15 | Fintech & Insurtech
8:30a EST | Sign-In & Breakfast
9:30a EST | Welcome + Opening Remarks 


  Dan Roselli, Founder & Managing Director, RevTech Labs 

  Sara Roselli, Co-Founder & Foundation Executive Director

9:45a EST | Opening Keynote 


                          Anna Mason, Ingeborg Investments
10:05a EST | Pitch Party #1 Sponsored by Brighthouse Financial, 7 companies  

                            Host: Edward Ruiz

                           Dovly, Konduit Works, myFloc,, Finhaven, BluBinder, & ModernTax
10:46a EST | Networking Break
11:15a EST | Pitch Party #2, 6 companies
                           Fishtail, Credolab - Behavioural Insights, FV Bank 
International Inc, Coinnect SA, Agingo,                                                                                           & Defynance Holdings, Inc.                                                                                             
12:00p EST | Lunch 
1:30p EST | Panel Discussion: "The Venture Perspective of the Ecosystem When Going into a Recession" 
                          Moderator: Emily Hak

                          Zach Young , Chris Langford, & Greg Brown
2:10p EST | RevTech Labs Class 17, 13 companies 
                          AleFi, AssetVault, Aurign, DraftFuel, Habidatium, Ledgersnyc, Nufi, Optikal Care, Reeske, RemitRix, RMI Insights,
                          Smart RIA, & Tax Titans

3:40p EST | Networking Reception

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